KP Fall Gathering

Transformation Time

October 12 – 14, 2018

Trinity United Church, Creston, BC


We gathered one last time as the Pastoral Charges in the Kootenay Presbytery of BC Conference. We are will leaving, anticipating our new relationships, as Communities of Faith in the Pacific Mountain Regional Council looking forward with plans to cluster in the new year.



Moving forward: Three Council Model

 Remit 1 implementation: a new paradigm of how we will relate and respond to each other.

Here is a quick review: 

To try to understand the intent of “Communities of Faith’ and “Clusters and Networks,” the study guide presented by CG42 describes them:

A. Description
A community of faith is any community of people within the United Church that:
    • gathers to explore faith, worship, and serve, including but not limited to pastoral charges, congregations, outreach ministries, chaplaincies, faith-based communal living, house churches, and online communities; and
    • is recognized as a community of faith within the United Church by the regional council through a covenantal relationship between the community of faith and the regional council.
B. Membership
The members of the community of faith are:
    • people admitted to membership by the community of faith, within denominational guidelines;
    • eligible for election to the denominational council and regional council; and
    • entitled to vote on all community of faith matters, and entitled to extend the right to
vote on financial and administrative matters to adherents.
C. Authority and responsibility
The community of faith has authority and responsibility for:
    • living in covenant with the regional council with mutual responsibilities for the life and mission of the community of faith, and fulfilling its responsibilities under the covenant;
    • doing regular self-assessments of the ministry of the community of faith; and filing the report with the regional council;
    • joining the hearts, voices, and resources of the community to witness to the gospel and vision of Jesus for a compassionate and just society, both in Canada and around the world;
    • local, regional, national and global initiatives and partnerships (community, ecumenical and interfaith) for ministry, mission and justice work;
    • ministry with children and youth and young adults;
    • honouring and living into intercultural mission and ministry;
Becoming an Intercultural Church
    • living in covenant with Mother Earth and All My Relations in the Earth community;
Governance and administration
    • making decisions about the life of the community of faith, including worship, care, spiritual practice, and learning; local administration, finances, and governance, and local mission, justice, and evangelism;
    • meeting at least annually;
    • complying with denominational and regional policies;
    • buying, selling, leasing, and renovating community of faith property in cooperation
with the regional council, within denominational guidelines;
Spiritual life
    • setting policies for membership, within denominational guidelines and receiving and celebrating new members in the community of faith;
    • helping members deepen their faith while exploring their faith journey;
    • ensuring the proper administration of the sacraments;
Ministry and other leadership
    • cooperation with the regional council, within denominational guidelines, in recruiting, choosing, calling, appointing, and covenanting with ministry personnel and other staff, and in ending calls and appointments/covenants with ministry personnel and other staff;
    • encouraging members to consider ministry roles a responsibility shared through the whole community of faith;
    • recommending to the appropriate body suitable lay members as inquirers, candidates, and licensed lay worship leaders, as and if required under denominational policy;
Participation in regional and denominational life
    • helping to fund the cost of sending members to the meetings of the regional council; • electing members to serve on regional council with shared funding of the cost; and
    • receiving, dealing with, and forwarding on proposals from members of the
community of faith to regional councils.
D. Limitations
All authority and responsibility of the community of faith is subject to:
    • policies set by the denominational council on membership, governance, pastoral relations, property, and any other area within the authority of the denominational council;
    • the covenantal relationship between the community of faith and the regional council; and
    • the authority of the regional council to assume control of the community of faith in extraordinary circumstances where the community of faith is unable to or refuses to meet its responsibilities or acts outside of denominational or regional policies.


Alongside the three-council structure, there are clusters and networks that, while not formal governance bodies, are central to the living out of the faith of the United Church:
• clusters: local clusters of communities of faith that provide community and support for communities of faith and their leaders, and focus on worship, mission, learning, collegiality, and strategic planning; and
• networks: linking people working on specific issues (e.g. supportive housing, intercultural ministry, youth ministry) or for project work (e.g. event planning) that function through the whole church, depending on the issue.



Greg Powell and Jody Dudley attended General Council 43 as two of  25 BC Conference Commissioners in Oshawa, ON, July 21–27, 2018. They were nominated by Kootenay Presbytery when we gathered in Cranbrook this Spring and elected by the court of BC Conference in June. 

A summary of this experience: Commissioner’s Report of General Council 43

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