2014 Fall Presbytery Gathering






Agenda, Oct. 2014 Gathering  (in PDF to download and print)

Team Reports (click to read):

Workshop Conversations
The focus of our presbytery meeting in Creston, to which all members of our congregations are invited, is transformational change.  What is transformational change you might be wondering? 

Friday Evening: Suzanne Pederson will lead us through a workshop that will explore what transformational change looks like and how, at this stage in the lives of our congregations, we are called to invest time and energy in building for the future.  Suzanne will help us think about how we might engage in transformational change.

Saturday morning: David Boyd will lead a workshop outlining major post-modern trends that we are facing in the life of our Church in today’s world and what the implications might be in changing as we embrace these trends.  David will also outline some key principles that need to be considered as we change: what about communication?  What about planning for change?  Where will the energy come from?

AND  Saturday afternoon, there will an opportunity to engage in a facilitated conversation about what transformational change means for us with respect to empowering youth, empowering lay leadership, justice work and transformation, and to look at concrete examples of transformational change in congregations.  As part of these facilitated conversations, there will be a chance to share ideas and strategies and find hope together.  


Empowering Youth Leadership with Greg Powell
Greg will facilitate a conversation about how we build capacity for encouraging youth leadership and engaging with the generations born after 1980.

Empowering Lay Leadership with Therese DesCamps
Therese will facilitate a conversation about how we intentionally engage the laity as leaders and what supports—education, training, theological reflection—we need to bring to the empowerment of lay leadership in our congregations.

Examples of Congregational Transformative Change with Frank Lewis & Suzanne Pederson
They will provide some examples of change.  The conversation will help draw out ideas and strategies for how we might consider change in our congregations.

Justice Work and Transformative Social Change in Congregations with Rosemary Manarin
How can our congregations engage in transformative change in respect to issues such as:
poverty, food security,  conserving our environment?