Pastoral Relationships/Education & Students

Pastoral Relationships/Education & Students Ministry Team

This Ministry team has a dual function. It manages the Presbytery’s responsibilities for pastoral relationships and the education and supervision of ministry students in the Presbytery.

Pastoral Relationships:

This ministry team is responsible for Settlement, Pastoral Relations, Oversight visits, and Pensions. In addition, this ministry team coordinates the exercise of oversight and pastoral support in continuity with the historic Church, provide administrative support to pastoral relationships and congregations, and provide guidance and resources to churches in conflict.

Education & Students:

In this regard, the Team’s responsibilities include:

  • interviewing possible candidates for ordained or diaconal ministry;
  • helping students through the process leading to ordination or commissioning.
  • monitoring advising and encouraging Continuing Education Programs for paid accountable ministry staff.



Chair: Pat Ridler, Cranbrook Pastoral Charge

  • Rev. Kim Horwood, Boundary Pastoral Charge
  • Ray Lundquist, Castlegar Pastoral Charge