Support to Congregations Ministry Team

Support to Congregations Ministry Team

This ministry team focuses on specific ways to provide support to congregational life and work. This ministry team gives leadership to congregations in living faithfully in the present and moving faithfully into the future, seek to “enthuse” (en-theos) and enliven congregations, provides educational opportunities to support congregations, and be a link between congregations and the wider church.

The Support to Congregations Ministry Team is developing a Resource Library which will contain a variety of resource material and links for worship preparation those who would like to use them for what ever reason.

(updated October 2017)

     Chair: Jody Dudley, Nelson Pastoral Charge

    • Leah Gray, Nelson Pastoral Charge
    • Rev. Paula Ashby, Creston Pastoral Charge
    • Barbara Puskeppelies, Boundary Pastoral Charge
    • Theresa Gerow, Turner/Zion Pastoral Charge
    • Rev. Laura Hermakin, WVSM Pastoral Charge
    • Anjanee Gyan-Dyck, Creston Pastoral Charge
    • Mary Stickel, Kaslo Pastoral Charge