Administration, Finance & Stewardship Ministry Team

This ministry team is responsible for the administrative functions of Presbytery that have to do with finances, property, records, boundaries, and other Presbytery administrative functions. The Presbytery secretary would be part of this ministry team and all correspondence will be the responsibility of this team. Additionally, this ministry team will have the responsibility for Mission Support Applications, will animate and support the Mission and Service Fund, and will develop expertise regarding stewardship (i.e. financial, talents, volunteers).

(updated October 2017)

       Chair: Jody Dudley, Nelson Pastoral Charge

  • Gordon Swedburg, Treasurer, Castlegar Kinnaird Pastoral Charge
  • Cheryl Swedburg, Secretary, Castlegar Kinnaird Pastoral Charge
  • Joan Hanson, CIF Pastoral Charge
  • Ray Lundquist, Castlegar Kinnaird Pastoral Charge