Remit 1: Three Council Model

At the 42nd General Council, August 2015, six remits that would change the structure and administration of The United Church of Canada were introduced. Presbyteries and Pastoral Charges have had opportunities to study and vote on these remits, This summer, at the 43rd General Council in Oshawa, ON, the attending commissioners will have the opportunity to ratify the Remits. 

Anticipating the ratification of Remit 1: Three Council Model, we have had many discussions in small groups and Presbytery Gatherings trying to get our heads around what this will mean for our congregations and the presbytery life we have come to know.

At our Spring Kootenay Presbytery Gathering, our theme was KOOTENAY KAIROS: Reimagining and Rising Together. In May, at Trail United Church we will have another opportunity to “explore the changing spiritual landscape that gives rise to new ways the Spirit of God is working in the world.” 
                    Reframing Ministry in a Changing Spiritual Landscape.

Of all the remits, Remit 1 presents a new paradigm of how we will relate and respond to each other.

The total outcome of the vote:
         Presbyteries:         Yes    74            No   7
         Pastoral Charge:    Yes   1672         No   222

Here is a quick review: 

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