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Reimagining our Church
for the Future

This page is for the collection of comments from around Kootenay Presbytery regarding our response to the Comprehensive Review Task Group‘s comprehensive survey on the status of the United Church of Canada’s relationship and relevance to our present culture and society. The results of their survey is entitled “Comprehensive Review Consultation Report: A Conversation with United Church Communities of Faith about Our Future.”

On February 6, 2014, the Task Group has published a discussion paper called Fishing from the Other Side: Seeking the Wisdom of Presbyteries, Districts, the Consistoire, and the Synod to continue the discussion and evaluation of our Church’s future.

Watch a 3½ minute video describing some of the issues and concerns underlying the Comprehensive Review or read an online discussion set up for people to present their ideas.

On March 15, BC Conference Executive published a response paper, Comprehensive Review: ‘Fishing From the Other Side’.

For Kootenay Presbytery:

On June 3rd Rev. David Boyd (Nelson United Church) and Rev. George Meier (Our Conference Minister) hosted a webinar to review and discuss “Fishing From the Other Side: Seeking the Wisdom of Presbyteries, Districts, the Consistoire, and the Synod” with members of Kootenay Presbytery. The webinar reviewed this discussion paper and we were given time to discuss the posed questions found on pages 12–14 of the paper. Your feedback is requested over the next week which can be submitted on this page by leaving your comment below.

To submit your comments in response to the webinar and the “Fishing from the Other Side” discussion:

•  Fill in the “Leave a reply” box at the bottom of this page and submit by clicking “Post Comment“; your comment will be added to the top of the list of other comments.
•  You can add to other comments by completing the “Reply” within its Comment Box.

On June 7th David and George collected these and any other submitted comments and composed a response for the Task Group from Kootenay Presbytery on our behalf. This is the submission: Fishing From the Other side KP response

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