Justice & Peace Ministry Team

Justice & Peace Ministry Team

This ministry team provides resources and support for congregational Outreach Committees and work, be the voice of Presbytery with respect to social justice issues, provide information about United Church initiatives, and be a link to the wider church outreach networks.

Some of our activities:

God’s mission in the world is the mission of our Justice and Peace team, to work toward social justice be it action or education.

Our team has not officially met since the last presbytery meeting but, as chair of the team, I relay all newsletters from KAIROS and many other justice related articles of information I receive. Often the articles circulated are regarding eco-justice such as petition against the proposed Enbridge Pipeline to Kitimat or are regarding human rights issues and include relevant information and petitions. The idea is to pass it on so as many people are aware and can participate as possible.

The industrialized nations are the worst offenders regarding pollution but it is the poorer tropical countries and people who will be most direly affected by the increased drought and flooding of climate change. Taking a stand for ecological justice is standing up for human rights, for the marginalized and exploited as well.

Any initiative to protect our environment, whether it be deterring the use of bottled water and encouraging recycling, reducing the carbon footprint, writing a letter to a mining company or signing a petition for protection of land and its people, is standing up for human rights as well.

We re-iterate the importance of supporting fair-trade products. Action is required here. Just a few more dollars spent on tea, coffee, cocoa or chocolate can make the life of the farmer at the source more tolerable.

(updated October 2017) 

       Chair: Rev. David Boyd, Nelson Pastoral Charge

  • Anne Jardine, WVSM Pastoral Charge
  • Rev. Greg Powell, Castlegar-Kinaird Pastoral Charge
  • Tif McNaughton, Fernie Pastoral Charge
  • Sandra Barrett, Fernie Pastoral Charge
  • Libby Greenwood, CIF Pastoral Charge