Kootenay Presbytery members met during BC Conference AGM

At the meeting of Kootenay Presbytery, a motion of AF&S Team giving consent to St Columba Trustees to conclude the sale of their building and property passed. This enables the congregation of St Columba to sell their church and move forward to explore new ways to present ministry worship in the western area of Boundary Pastoral Charge.

Another motion from AF&S approving the Arrow Lake Pastoral Charge to withdraw $40,000 from their trust (from the sale of their manse) passed. This enables the congregation to continue in its ministry less anxious about funds. 

A discussion about Kootenay Presbytery becoming a “affirming presbytery” resulted in a decision to not proceed with but to encourage our Pastoral Charges to have this discussions within their congregations about becoming affirming congregations. It was suggested that Support to Congregation Team develop resources to assist enquiring congregations.

A discussion about developing a “presbytery covenant” was postponed to the Fall Gathering.

Kootenay Presbytery will next meet in Kimberley October 13–15.
Following, on Sunday afternoon in Fernie at Knox United Church, there will be a covenanting service with Tif McNaughton.


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