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Support to Congregation Ministry Team has undertaken to provide resource material for the intended benefit of any who would use it.

New resources or links will be added as they are found or submitted. We encourage you to share any copyright free material on this page.

Rev Ann Pollock, now retired from her ministry in Castlegar often composed chancel dramas to illustrate her worship theme. She has submitted several of her scripts for this library. They are presented in reference to the Lectionary and will download to your computer in a Word document for easy editing. You have her permission to adapt the scripts to suit your situation.


Year A
Lent:  “Good Morning, Castlegar”

Year B
Proper 21:  “Vashti and Esther”

Year C
Proper 5:   “Survivor”
Easter:  “The Case of the Missing Body”
Proper 26:  “Zacchaeus”

Any Year
Thanksgiving:  “Thanksgiving”
Advent:  “John the B and Glee
Advent:  “Mary’s Friends”
Advent:  “Occupy Church”
Christmas Eve:  “Christmas Eve”

“Psalm for the Kootenays”  by Kevin Macaskil, Nelson United Church

Suzanne Pederson workshop notes on Exploring What Transformational Change Looks Like (October 24, 2014) 

David Boyd’s Powerpoint presentation at the Fall Gathering of Kootenay Presbytery in Creston (October 25,  2014): 
Post-modern Trends and Some Key Principles that Need to be Considered as We Change.

Ivy Thomas’ Handouts from her Pastoral Care Presentation at Nakusp Presbytery Gathering (April 8/9, 2016):
Pastoral Care Handouts


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