Planning & Visioning Team (PVT)

Planning & Visioning Ministry Team

Consists of the Chair, Past Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Conference Minister and other members of Presbytery.
This team functions as the Executive.
This team is responsible for setting the direction and agenda of Presbytery, determining goals and focusing on mission and congregational support. This team deals with emergent Presbytery business only required as management of Presbytery goals and objectives will be the responsibility of the Ministry Teams.
The PVT is not a “representational body” in that each of the Ministry Teams will not be represented on the Executive.

The responsibilities of Policy Development will be assigned to an ad hoc team of PVT.

(updated October 2017)

       Chair: Rev. Greg Powell, Castlegar Kinnaird Pastoral Charge

  • Cheryl Swedburg, Castlegar Kinnaird Pastoral Charge, Recording Secretary
  • Carol Patton, Cranbrook Pastoral Charge, Corresponding Secretary
  • Gordon Swedburg, Castlegar Kinnaird Pastoral Charge, Treasurer
  • Jody Dudley, Nelson Pastoral Charge, Member at Large
  • Rev. Laura Hermakin, Windermere Valley Shared Ministry Pastoral Charge
  • Pat Ridler, Cranbrook Pastoral Charge
  • Kim Matson, Castlegar Kinnaird Pastoral Charge 
  • Carolyn Rogers, Conference Minister