There’s a “Wide Spot” in New Denver

Wide Spot is a project of the Turner Zion Pastoral Charge of The United Church of Canada.  This program has been funded in part by the BC Conference ProVision Fund.  Wide Spot has been developed by collaboration between Turner Zion and Heart’s Rest Retreats, one of a number of projects during the last ten years on which we have worked together. Heart’s Rest Retreats is a ministry of the Rev. Dr. Therese DesCamp and the Rev. George Meier.

Check it out…

This new website includes interactive blogs and community activities:

WideSpot in the Road discussion and dinner is a collaborative project assisted by the Village Hearth restaurant, a project of the Healthy Community Society.  Our childcare site is provided by the Outlet Youth Centre.

Sweet Spot Slocan is a collaboration with  We use videos from these organizations that we find thought provoking—that doesn’t necessarily mean that we agree with everything presented!

Wide Spot is our attempt to love and serve this community by identifying—and sometimes providing—opportunities for deep connection.  This work is empowered by our belief that the practice of wildly inclusive love and justice is the centre of Christian faith.    ~ George and Therese


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