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2010Nakusp4Full Meetings of Presbytery

In Spring and Fall each year the Presbytery gathers to conduct the business of the Presbytery, to worship and to form community.

Who Attends the Full Meetings

All members of Presbytery are expected to attend, this includes:

  • all paid accountable ministry personnel
  • lay representatives from each pastoral charge
  • lay elected members-at-large

Invited guests and members of the pastoral charges who register as guests are welcome as non-voting participants.

Structure of Presbytery Meetings

  • The “work” of Presbytery is mainly done in various Ministry Teams between Full Meetings;
  • The Planning and Visioning Team (PVT) acts like an executive, but with a forward focus;
  • Presbytery meetings address the big questions: education and support; discerning our mission and our future;
  • periods of worship throughout the weekend are offered by members of various pastoral charges;
  • although it tends to be a busy, full agenda, there is a free period scheduled for Saturday after lunch;
  • programs for Youth Delegates intermingle with Full Court program
  • delegates are expected to stay until adjournment after Sunday Worship.


Choosing a Team & Spirit Given Gifts

Each Presbytery Member is expected to participate on at least one Presbytery “Ministry Team”. The Nomination Ministry Team tries to match each member of Presbytery to a Ministry Team based upon “Spirit Given Gifts”. Therefore each delegate must complete this survey. The Spirit Giving Giving website provides a very comprehensive description of this questionnaire. Download the Spirit Given Gift Inventory (a 14 page PDF document) or use the online form. You can email or send your confidential response to the chair of the Nominations Team; your results will be kept confidential.  

Hosting a Full Meeting

A rota of Presbytery Hosting Congregations can be found on the Events page.
Guide to hosting Presbytery Gatherings has been developed to assist the hosting pastoral charge.

Overview of How Presbytery Works

The work of Presbytery is done by different Teams, and then is brought together at semi-annual full meetings of the Presbytery.

2012KPStructureclick on diagram to enlarge


The Ministry Teams:

Summaries of the work done between the full meetings by the Ministry Teams: (Click on the titles for more details)

Planning & Visioning Ministry Team (PVT):

Up to 10 members who are chosen for their gifts for visioning and goal setting; It is not “representational” of all teams; Includes Chair of Presbytery, Recording Secretary, Treasurer & Conference Minister. Functions as the Executive; Sets the direction of Presbytery; Deals with emergent Presbytery business only; Management of goals done by the task groups. Assigns an ad hoc team for Policy Development

Administration, Finance and Stewardship Ministry Team (AF&S):

Up to 6 members. This ministry team is responsible for the administrative functions of presbytery that have to do with finances, property, records, boundaries, and other presbytery administrative functions; the presbytery secretaries are part of this ministry team and all correspondence is the responsibility of this team. Additionally, this ministry team has responsibility for Mission Support Applications, will animate and support the Mission & Service Fund, and develop expertise regarding stewardship (i.e. financial, talents, volunteers).

Pastoral Relationships/Education & Students Ministry Team (PRES):

Up to 8 members. This ministry team is responsible for Settlement, Pastoral Relations, Oversight visits, and Pensions. This ministry team also coordinates the exercise of oversight and pastoral support in continuity with the historic Church, provides administrative support to pastoral relationships and congregations, and provides guidance and resources to churches in conflict. Additionally, this ministry team is responsible for all students, recruitment, Discernment Committees, field placements, etc.

Support to Congregations Ministry Team (STC):

Up to 12 members. This ministry team continues to focus on specific ways to provide support to congregational life and work. This ministry team gives leadership to congregations in living faithfully in the present and moving faithfully into the future, seek to “enthuse” (en-theos) and enliven congregations, provide educational opportunities to support congregations, and be a link between congregations and the wider church. 

Outdoor Ministry & Youth Ministry Team (OMY):

Up to 5 members. This ministry team provides direct oversight to presbytery camping ministries, focuses on youth support in congregations as well as providing youth programming through presbytery.

Justice & Peace Ministry Team (J&P):

Up to 5 members. This ministry team provides resources and support for congregational Outreach Committees and work, is the voice of presbytery with respect to social justice issues, provide information about United Church initiatives, and is a link to the wider church outreach networks.

Nominations Ministry Team:

Up to 4 members. This ministry team develops expertise with respect to presbytery recruitment based on Spirit Given Gifts. The members of this Team will have the gift of discernment.