Regional Minister

Welcome to the New United Church of Canada 3 Council structure!

I’m happy to have this opportunity to introduce myself again and share a bit more about my work and the work of Pacific Mountain Region in support of the communities of faith in the Kootenays.

My name is Kathy Davies, and I am the Regional Minister supporting the congregations and communities of faith in what was formerly the Kootenay, Fraser and Westminster Presbyteries.
The primary focus of my work is to provide service and support to communities of faith and their leaders as we live into the covenantal relationship between the Region and the communities of faith. This support includes:

  • Overseeing the needs assessment, appointment and call processes of communities of faith seeking ministry leadership 
  • support for visioning, mission-discernment, and strategic planning processes – including facilitation and workshops 
  • support for conflict resolution in communities of faith 
  • support and training for Ministry and Personnel Committees 
  • Providing or arranging for proactive, caring, pastoral care and support for ministry personnel in transition, distress or crisis;
  • encouraging and supporting emerging clusters, networks of support for ministry personnel and cooperation between communities of faith
  • providing information regarding church governance, property and legal matters; and referring communities of faith to the appropriate people and resources as needed
  • Liaising with ecumenical partners related to shared ministries and assists in resolving shared ministry issues

Of course this would be impossible to do alone, and would not serve our communities of faith well. Ideally much of this work involves connecting with local volunteers who will have the capacity, knowledge and ability to support the work as well as the relationships. I will be here to provide resources and connection with the Region and wider United Church. We are not alone!
I hope to encourage cooperation and the sharing of our gifts and resources with each other as we continue to nurture vital and faithful ministry throughout the Kootenays, gifted by the Spirit and sustained through God’s ever abundant love.

The best ways to contact me: 


Office phone: (604) 431-0434 Ext. 320 or
1-800-934-0434 Ext. 320

Please feel free to give me a call – very much looking forward to journeying  with you!

Regional Minister
                Kathy Davies

Welcome to the Kootenay Communities of Faith website. As we did with the Kootenay Presbytery website, items of interest about activities will be posted.

For instance, The Beyond Team is working with Leadershift (Treena Duncan) to organize a “Festival of Faith” gathering on June 22-23, 2019 in Nelson. As plans are confirmed the information will be updated here…


The new layout of The United Church of Canada:

and the new Manual:

UCC Manual
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Let’s not forget…


We are at a doorway that leads into a new way of being church.
At this doorway
we are not alone:

God has invited us to gather courage from the great cloud of witnesses before us,
as we remember what was…

Christ has challenged us to accept his radical call to discipleship,
as we acknowledge what is…

The Spirit has led us to be Christ’s Church,
as we imagine what will be…

At this doorway:

We take courage in the assurance that God is with us;
we affirm our call to go where Christ leads; and
we trust the Spirit to guide us through the challenging space between what was, what is, and what will be.

Surely, we are not alone.
Thanks be to God.

Sending Forth

As we greet each new doorway,
let us give all thanks and glory to God,
whose power working in us
can do infinitely more than we can ask or imagine.
Glory to God from generation to generation,
in the church, and through the Spirit,
now and forever,