ProVision Grants

ProVision grants are a legacy from congregational properties and camps sold throughout the former BC Conference, now Pacific Mountain Region.

The ProVision Funds provide grants to empower those who intend to do one or more of the following:

  • Foster or create new ministries. In particular, but not exclusively, those which address one or more of these United Church priorities: Reconciliation, Intercultural, Children’s, Youth and Intergenerational programs and ministries;
  • Provide programs which reach out from the church to address needs in the community;
  • Research or strategic planning for the development of a new ministry;
  • Launch new ministries or projects ‘on the edge’ of the church’s experience or which are intended to address transformative change in the life of a Community of Faith; and
  • Develop community-based ministries, possibly partnering with other agencies.

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